March 6, 2014

              New Basler White Paper: “Functionality and Characteristics of Two Exposure Methods (Shutter Variants)”

              Rolling Shutter Effect
              This white paper describes the different methods of exposure between global and rolling shutters and explains their pros and cons for specific applications with regard to heat, ambient noise and frame rate.
              Detached aircraft engine blades, distorted cars – the rolling shutter effect can sometimes be amusing to look at. In machine vision, however, it’s enough to set off alarm bells. When cameras deal with motion, the shutter plays a large role in how successfully they cope with that challenge. Since CMOS sensors offer both shutter variants, the choice of sensor technology has become even more complex.  
              This white paper explains the relation between sensors and shutter methods and their effects on image quality. When do the advantages of a rolling shutter prevail, or for which applications might a global shutter be the better choice? Find out when and how the rolling shutter effect can be minimized, and why higher resolution does not automatically guarantee better image quality, by reading more
              The link below leads you directly to the White Paper. Find this White Paper and other useful resource documents in our download area.

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