December 8, 2015

              New Basler PGI In-Camera Feature Set

              A number of computational steps are required during image processing to optimize color image quality for human viewers. PGI image optimization is based on a combination of 5x5 Debayering, Color-Anti-Aliasing, Sharpness Improvement and Denoising. These individual steps are used to eliminate color errors, ensuring color fidelity even in the finest image details, as well as excellent sharpness and reduced image noise. These preparatory steps for image data, all performed within the camera, cut down on the computational load for PCs and let them focus on other tasks.

              Our White Paper details each of the individual steps involved with PGI image optimization, and compares the procedures and results of image processing with and without PGI.

              The PGI feature set is available in all dart and pulse camera series models and will soon also be found in the new Basler ace camera models with Sony's Pregius sensors and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor. More camera models are being planned as well.     

              You can find the current White Paper on "Better Image Quality with Basler PGI" here. We've also prepared more details on PGI at

              Many other interesting documents are available in our Download area

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