March 29, 2012

              New Basler Brand Message – “the power of sight”

              “the power of sight” is our new company-wide brand message. The brand message will symbolize the spirit of our brand and inspire people about what makes Basler unique. It stands for the power of our creativity, and the ability to turn ideas into reality with the help of vision technology. “the power of sight" will manifest itself through the introduction of breakthrough products, driving new technologies and entering new vertical markets.

              Do you remember “!”? This tagline has served us for more than six years. After having introduced the new logo it became obvious that we had to develop a new tagline which better suits us and captures our vision and mission better. We believe that “the power of sight” better matches our today’s position of being a supplier of industrial and network cameras for a variety of different markets and industries. At the same time it inspires the imagination of our customers of what has become and will be possible with vision technology.

              The Basler Vision and Mission

              Our Vision:
              Advances in technology will improve the quality of our lives.

              Our Mission:
              At Basler, we give technology the power of sight

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