January 12, 2015

              New Application Note: Resolution Boost through Series Connection of Multiple Basler racer Line Scan Cameras

              New Application Note
              If a single line scan camera isn't enough for an optical inspection task, then a multi-camera setup is frequently used. This kind of multiple line scan camera system requires a bit more effort to set up and configure. Our Application Note provides a step-by-step explanation of the necessary settings. We provide a practical example of how to configure a network, how to synchronize the trigger and how to define the settings in the Viewer Feature Tree using our Basler pylon Camera Software Suite.     

              You can find more information about the Basler racer and other line scan camera models, including their ideal uses, on our racer product pages. Our Support team has provided all handbooks in the Download area for you.
              Our Support team would be glad to assist you. Call or write us! 

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