February 3, 2015

              New Accessory: S-Mount Lenses for Basler dart at Low Overall System Costs

              Evetar's S-mount lens
              Reduce your system costs by combining affordable Basler dart board level cameras with the S-mount lens series from the Evetar brand. The S-mount lenses, also known as M12 lenses, all come with a fixed iris and offer an attractive price/performance ratio. They are available with a maximum image circles of  1/3" or 1/2". The 1/3" series encompasses eight focal lengths, from 2.4 to 16 mm. The 1/2" series spans five focal lengths, from 4 to 16 mm.

              Each focal length of the two series is further available in a version with or without IR cut filter for use with color or monochrome cameras. This is important because the color cameras of the Basler dart series with S-mount do not come with an integrated IR-Cut filter. The S-mount lenses can be focused  by making sure the lens is screwed in to the required depth into the mount. A lock ring to fix the position of the lenses is included with delivery.

              Our dart works with both Evetar's S-mount lenses as well as our C-mount lenses, known as Basler Lenses that are conceived for sensors smaller than 1/2" and are intended for use with Basler ace and dart cameras.

              For more information, please contact our Basler Sales Team. Or visit our Accessories database to see all of the parts available for your Basler cameras.

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