August 25, 2011

              New Accessories for Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras

              The Basler IP Fixed Dome Camera is the perfect choice for environments with the highest demand. Just as important as choosing the right camera for your application is the availability of quality, easy to use and install accessories.
              Basler provides a wide range of accessories that complement our network camera product line. All of our accessories facilitate the installation and maintenance of your network systems to save you time and money. Accessories from Basler are always very thoroughly tested, which means that you get the superior performance that you expect from Basler products in every situation.
              Basler provides a variety of accessories for mounting your IP Fixed Dome Cameras in various locations and positions. These accessories include a goose neck wall mount and pendant mount.
              Wall mount
              With the goose neck wall mount you can easily install your Basler IP Fixed Dome Camera to any wall, offering ultimate flexibility for optimum camera position thanks to its internal three axis camera bracket.
              Pendant mount
              The pendant mount is the right solution for ceiling mounting. With the pendant mount, you can easily install Basler dome cameras under any overhanging surface.
              Both the goose neck wall mount and the pendant mount are suitable for all Basler IP dome camera models.

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