April 5, 2011

              New Accessories for Basler IP Cameras

              Theia SL940A
              With the upcoming price list release, Basler will extend its accessories portfolio to include a variety of new lenses and a pole mount for our dome cameras.
              Two of the new lenses deserve a closer look with regard to our newest CMOS cameras.
              With the introduction of the Basler 5 megapixel IP camera model (BIP2-2500c/-dn), it became necessary to evaluate new lenses to take advantage of the full sensor size. The SL940A lens from Theia is a megapixel, IR-corrected, CS mount lens with a focal length of 9 to 40 mm, and uses the full 5 megapixel resolution to deliver excellent image quality. This lens is designed to let the user take full advantage of the high resolution provided by multi-megapixel cameras such as the BIP2-2500c/-dn model.
              Tamron M13VG288IR
              For our cameras with 1/3" sensors (from VGA to full HD), we have evaluated the new M13VG288IR lens from Tamron. This lens is a 3 megapixel, IR-corrected, CS mount lens with a standard focal length of 2.8 to 8 mm. The lens delivers images up to full 1080p high definition resolution over the entire focal length range, both in visible and near-infrared light.
              These two lenses are already shown in the list of possible lenses that is displayed in the Lens Calculator tool. The tool will suggest the correct lens for your Basler IP Camera and is included in the updated BIP Calculator software package that can be downloaded from our download section.
              New pole mount
              Another novelty in our accessories portfolio is a pole mount for our dome camera series. This bracket facilitates flexible installation of dome cameras on poles. With the pole mount bracket, dome cameras can be attached to poles with a diameter of 50 to 250 cm.
              For more information such as specifications and dimensional drawings, please visit our accessories section.

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