October 2, 2012

              Mounts and Other Accessories for Basler’s New racer Series of Line-Scan Cameras

              To obtain optimum performance from your racer camera, we suggest that you consider selecting equipment from our range of top-quality, compatible accessories. You can order these accessories right along with your camera. Please find them in our Accessories' Database under Industrial Cameras Products. Select the racer series to display all the accessories currently available for your camera. Since the racer series is still a new one, we’ll be expanding our selection of available accessories in the coming months.
              Ordering a Mount With Your Camera

              Our racer line scan cameras come standard without a mount. The mount has to be ordered separately. This means that you have the option of selecting a C-mount or an F-mount depending on your needs and specific application. Please be sure to order your cameras with the appropriate mount. To permit fast, easy placement and high stability, our camera mounts feature four readily accessible threaded attachment holes.

              In addition to mounts, Basler also offers the following full range of other accessories to ensure smooth, reliable operation of your racer camera:
              • Lenses
              • Power supplies
              • Power-supply and trigger cables
              • Camera Link cables (PoCL)
              • GigE cables
              • GigE frame grabber

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