August 31, 2015

              More Security at School – Facial Recognition Software from the Smilart Company and a Basler ace GigE Camera Make it Possible.

              Facial Recognition
              In a school in Russia, students and teachers previously used RFID cards for access control. This ensured that only authorized persons were able to enter the school. The method with the RFID cards, however, was considered in need of an improvement. Students could forget their cards at home, for example, or give them to each other.

              In order to make the security at the school and the recognitions control even simpler and more secure, the school was looking for a new method for access control. The German company, Smilart, delivered the solution for this: a PC with a graphics card and a special software for facial recognition. A further important component in the new installation: a Basler ace camera.

              You can find more details about this interesting application in the success story in our download area, "Facial Recognition in a College with Software from Smilart and a Basler ace GigE Camera."

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