May 28, 2014

              Microscopy: Bringing the Little Things into Focus

              Basler has been active in the field of microscopy for many years. Our cameras are designed for completely uncomplicated combination with all microscopes. They are small and light, offer the necessary levels of resolution and speed and deliver extremely reliable and high-quality images.

              What exactly is meant by 'Microscopy'?

              Microscopic applications are used both in the manufacturing industry as well as medicine and life sciences. We offer digital cameras suitable for work in either area, including high-resolution cameras (up to 14 MP), high-speed models (up to 340 fps) and even extra sensitive models (near infrared cameras).

              In industry, these are used among other tasks for detailed optical inspection of materials, surfaces, microscopic structures and welding seams. They deliver reliable detection of even the smallest structures. They typically use either light or confocal microscopy.

              Medicine and the life sciences typically require authentic live images with precise color fidelity and strong contrasts. These fields use Basler cameras for all facets of microscopy — from light, fluorescence and confocal microscopy to live cell imaging, slide scanning and micro-dissection and manipulation. 

              Detailed information and concrete camera recommendations

              In the Applications section you'll find detailed information about industrial and biomedical microscopy, as well as pointers about the special requirements of different microscopy forms. We provide concrete camera recommendations here as well.

              The Basler Sales team  and our microscopy experts both stand ready to discuss your specific application – simply call or email us.

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