September 6, 2016

              Medicine with Vision – Cameras in Modern Medical Technology

              Medicine with Vision – Cameras in Modern Medical Technology
              Cameras are being used in an increasingly broad range of daily activities. While most of us have probably noticed the devices being used in ATMs or building surveillance systems, there are many more cameras in our environment that we likely don't notice at first. These small embedded cameras shoulder a big load: they are an important component for many applications in medicine and the life sciences in particular. Our latest Vision Campus article explains where the cameras are used and what purpose they serve.
              The fictional Basler Medical Center specializes in diagnostics and therapy and makes heavy use of vision technology. Each floor of the center houses a different specialized department. This includes a floor dedicated to ophthalmology, including slit lamps for examining the eye's fundus.

              Another floor is home to researchers using the latest technical devices – including cameras, of course – to assist tomorrow's physicians with their daily work. Naturally there are operating theaters as well. Cameras are used there to ensure better and more targeted treatment of patients. Our Vision Campus article "Medicine with Vision" shows you how it all works.

              The Vision Campus also contains in-depth articles and videos on machine vision and on vision technology in general. Have you already seen our introductory video on "How Do Industrial Cameras Work?" or the article "How Can I Find the Right Lens"? Watch for yourself!

              For more information about the potential uses for vision technology in medicine and research, have a look at our overview page for "Medical & Life Sciences."

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