March 2, 2012

              Looking for Protective Housings for Your Basler Cameras?

              Cameras often need special protection in tough environments. The IP67 housing offers reliable protection against outside influences such as dust, wind and water, and protects the camera and the lens. It also guarantees good heat dissipation and can sometimes even reduce the camera temperature by several degrees.

              Basler co-operates with several partners, such as Allison Park Group (USA) and autoVimation (Germany), who offer IP67 housings.

              The German company autoVimation, for example, offers an IP67 housing in their Salamander series for the Basler ace , pilot and scout series, as well as for other compact cameras. The bigger Basler aviator or runner cameras fit into an Orca housing. The housings come in different variants and sizes. They are available with wind or water cooling, lighting, cover glass, and several other accessories for easy handling and installation.

              All our partners will be glad to help find the right solution for you – just get in touch with! The contact data can be found on the partners' websites.

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