March 21, 2011

              Latest VMS Integrations

              VMS Integration
              More and more security solution providers worldwide are counting on Basler’s IP Cameras, and the cameras are now supported by many video management software (VMS) products. This offers our customers high flexibility when it comes to assembling their individual security solutions.

              The following VMS integrations have been added or extended in the past month.

              New VMS-Integrations:

              The following VMS products supporting Basler IP Cameras are new to our list:
              • bensoftware, recommended release: SecuritySpy 2.0.10
              • NICE, recommended release: NiceVision Net
              Features supported:
              • MJPEG
              • Multistreaming
              • AOI
              • Multicast
              • MPEG4
              • H.264
              • Multistreaming
              • AOI
              • Motion Detection
              • Multicast
              Extended VMS Integration
              The following VMS integrations have been extended to support additional Basler IP Camera models:

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