January 7, 2013

              Largest IT Integrator in Russia Has Chosen Basler Cameras for Biometric Face Recognition Systems

              Andrey Khrulev

              The Russian Technoserv Group prefers Basler cameras for use in their biometric identification systems, based on their own Cascade-Flow face recognition technology.

              Among other fields, Technoserv specializes in complex automated systems to ensure safety in public places. One of their current major developments is the introduction of automated identification. Such systems allow comparison of individuals among a number of people passing through the surveillance zone with biometric data in existing databases. In addition, they accumulate information necessary for crime detection.

              Technoserv uses Basler industrial and network cameras to deliver the video data for analysis and identification of individuals. The video data is further processed by the Cascade-Flow face recognition system in the customer's data center. Extensive tests of the Cascade-Flow/Basler combination showed extremely high recognition rates.

              So far, the solution based on the Cascade-Flow system has been introduced in a number of sports and transportation facilities throughout Russia, providing automated support for the operational and investigative activities of security forces and facilities. Technoserv professionals install the surveillance cameras used in the system.

              Andrey Khrulev, Head of Biometrics Security Systems at Technoserv, comments: “Basler industrial cameras provide high-quality uncompressed video, which is necessary for the operation of any system conducting video analytics. The combination of price and quality that Basler cameras offer is an ideal fit for our projects.”

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