December 3, 2013

              It’s Time to Switch from FireWire to USB3 Vision

              Basler ace USB 3.0
              FireWire’s lifetime is coming to an end. It is slowly but surely losing the support of the PC world, and will eventually disappear off the market. The ideal successors, both from the technical and cost perspective, are our new ace USB 3.0 cameras. They provide the following benefits:

              • Save money on the hardware: FireWire equipment is disappearing from the market, while USB 3.0 hardware has become widely available.
              • USB 3.0 bandwidth is 6x higher than the FireWire-b bandwidth.
              • USB 3.0 offers better plug & play capability.
              • USB 3.0 supports Windows 8 naturally; FireWire support is to be discontinued.
              • USB3 Vision as the new vision standard covers all specific needs for a vision system; integration of USB3 Vision-compliant cameras is easy and safe.
              To sum it up: the USB 3.0 interface features technology similar to that found in FireWire, comes at an affordable cost and is built around mature technology that will be in use for many years to come.

              Minor Effort – Great Impact

              The one-time effort of switching depends on the specifications and is more than justified. For instance, if you choose a camera with the same sensor, the main effort lies only on the software side. The effort spent on software adjustments depends on the software version chosen. If our pylon Camera Software Suite is used, the development time could range from nearly zero to some days. If it is an SDK from a different camera vendor, the effort might run into weeks. But even this investment can be worth it. The cost savings could amortize the one-time effort after only half a year.

              Free White Paper – Learn it All

              We explain the topic more completely in our White Paper “USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision) Instead of FireWire – Better Performance and Lower Cost when Switching Camera Interfaces”.

              Click here to open the PDF now!

              For more information, please contact the Basler Sales Team or your Basler sales representative.

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