July 2, 2014

              In Series Production: Basler ace GigE Cameras With 2 MP CMOS Sensors From e2v

              Basler ace GigE
              The latest member of the ace GigE family is the 2 MP Sapphire CMOS sensor EV76C570 from e2v, with outstanding image quality, low noise and a speed of 60 fps, as well as a freely configurable shutter mode. This new ace model allows the user to decide independently whether the application in question would work better with a global or rolling shutter. This approach ensures that the new 2 MP ace CMOS cameras will work with a variety of applications, including factory automation, semiconductor and electronics production, barcode and print scanning and traffic monitoring.
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              The following camera models are in series production:
              Other ace models with e2v sensors are:

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