October 11, 2013

              In Series Production: Basler ace GigE Cameras With 1.3 MP e2V CMOS Sensors

              ace GigE
              Basler's successful ace series stands out for the markets widest variety of sensors together with an extraordinary price/performance ratio.
              The latest member of the large ace GigE family: Three models with 1.3 MP Sapphire CMOS sensors (EV76C560 and EV76C661) from e2V, offering outstanding image quality, low noise images and a perfect choice of shutter modes for different customer needs.

              Extremely cost-effective model with rolling shutter

              There are also two additional variants in our pipeline based on the EV76C560 sensor optimized for rolling shutter mode — the acA1280-60gm (mono) and the acA1280-60gc (color). These models can be ordered for testing now!
              In a few weeks they will also launch into series production. These cameras are, due to an extremely attractive price- / performance, especially designed to fit into highly price-sensitive applications that do not require a global shutter mode.

              For more information about all models or test sample camera, please contact your Basler sales partner.

              In series production:
              • acA1300-60gm: 1.3 MP, 60 fps, monochrome, global shutter
              • acA1300-60gc: 1.3 MP, 60 fps, color, global shutter
              • acA1300-60gmNIR: 1.3 MP, 60 fps, monochrome with enhanced NIR sensitivity, global shutter
              Available as partner samples:

              Suited for a variety of applications, and also available in NIR variant

              The 1.3 MP ace CMOS cameras are suited for a variety of applications, such as factory automation, semiconductor and electronics, bar code scanning and traffic applications. The acA1300-60gm NIR camera, equipped with the EV76C661 sensor optimized for "global shutter mode", delivers perfect images with a quantum efficiency of > 50 percent even at a wavelength of 850 nm. This translates into significant reductions in lighting costs for the system setup. It also offers perfect images even when working with poor or fluctuating lighting conditions or during night-time hours. Due to that the camera is well suited for surveillance and biometric tasks, as well as applications in intelligent traffic systems and the solar industry.

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