April 11, 2014

              Icy, Iconic, Innovative: Basler scout on a Delicious Mission

              Sentio Sports' Analysis System
              There are some things in life that are always there for us. They call up memories and make experiences tangible. Tastes and smells are important factors in this. When it comes to ice cream, generations of New Zealanders put their trust in their favorite mixes and delicious new creations.

              These high expectations put massive pressure on Tip Top, a popular New Zealand ice cream maker, to keep its production processes running flawlessly. Under the watchful eye of a Basler scout GigE camera, the ice cream is combined using precisely the right ingredients called for in the traditional recipe.
              For more on this application, see our Success Story "Icy, Iconic, Innovative: Basler scout on a Delicious Mission."

              The link below will take you directly to the Success Story. You can also find this success story and other interesting documents in our Download area.

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