September 21, 2015

              How Can I Find the Right Digital Camera for My Microscopy Application? - New Basler White Paper

              New Basler White Paper
              Microscopy cameras are an important component of image processing in applications such as medical research or diagnostics.

              What are the elements of digital microscopy systems?

              These systems require the microscope itself, a selection of suitable lenses, a light source and, in some cases, filters and polarizing lenses depending on whether colored dyes or contrast procedures are being used. Last but not least, the special requirements of the application are crucial for determining which microscopy camera and image processing software are best suited.

              The digital microscopy camera provides a microscopic image in an optimal way using image data. This image data may be recorded, stored, displayed, printed or embedded in documents. Special PC software is then used to process or analyze the image data digitally. The images provided by the digital microscopy camera can easily be displayed on a large monitor and thus can readily be used for live demonstrations or observation purposes.
              Want to know more about how you can find the right digital camera for your microscopy application and what aspects need consideration when making the selection?

              Read more about it in our White Paper "How Can I Find the Right Digital Camera for My Microscopy Application?" It illustrates the various aspects to consider when selecting a camera.

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