April 23, 2014

              High-Sensitivity Image Processing Cameras

              High-Sensitivity Image Processing Cameras
              We sell machine vision cameras for a variety of different applications, so ensuring that the customer gets the right tool for the job is crucial to us. We can start by providing background information about our cameras and the technology used inside them. The first step is the new "Technology" section of our website, offering insights into a variety of topics. This includes for example information about CCD/CMOS sensors and USB 3.0 / USB3 Vision as well as details about "high-sensitivity image processing cameras."  What exactly are high-sensitivity cameras and when are they best deployed? We've come up with a clear and simple example to help illustrate this. Read more on our website.

              Do you have further questions about high-sensitivity image processing cameras or about Basler's wider portfolio of cameras? Contact our Sales team! We would be glad to help you determine which camera best fits your needs.

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