December 7, 2015

              High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Cameras — New Basler White Paper

              High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Cameras — New Basler White Paper
              A Time-of-Flight camera simultaneously delivers both 2D and 3D information and can measure a given space with extraordinary speed. With over four million distance measurements per second, each accurate to the centimeter, this is an extremely high-performance tool. How does it achieve this, and what components are needed? How does a Time-of-Flight camera work at all? Our White Paper provides answers to these questions.

              The Time-of-Flight camera has potential uses unmatched by competing products such as laser scanners. Depending on the distance thresholds being used, it can for example be used to scan only specific sections of an image.

              Yet what do users need to know when working with these cameras? There are a series of influence factors that can impact the measured results. These influence factors, from multiple reflections to scattered light, are examined in our White Paper, including recommendations on how to handle them.

              Read our White Paper "High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Cameras." More information on Basler’s Time-of-Flight Camera can be found on our website at

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