June 8, 2015

              Here we go! – The Serial Production of the dart Board Level Camera has Begun

              We started with the serial production of our dart board level camera. This camera series will then be available immediately, even in large quantities. The most modern USB 3.0 camera technology, paired with a cost-optimized design and our proven reliability and quality – that makes the dart exceptional. As with all Basler products, the Basler dart also offers an extraordinary price-performance ratio: Entry prices begin at just 99 euros.
              In our portfolio you will also find corresponding accessories, optimized for the dart, such as, for example, the Basler Lenses, lens adapter, the appropriate cables or an I/O board starter kit. With these accessories you can quickly and easily integrate the dart into your system.

              The dart is available with CMOS sensors from Aptina with resolutions between 1.2 MP and 5 MP and can deliver up to 54 frames per second.

              You can select from three different mount versions:

              • S-mount,
              • CS-mount and
              • Bare board, that is, without a mount.
              Using these three options, you can profit from the great flexibility in system integration. The bare board version measures just 27mm x 27 mm and weighs approximately 5 grams. Both mount versions have dimensions of just 29 mm x 29 mm, respectively, only minimally larger, and similarly very light with a weight of 15 grams.

              Our dart camera belongs to the very few board level cameras that meet the USB3 Vision Standard and thus ensure secure data transmission as well as easy integration into your image processing system – on both the software and the hardware side. 

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