October 4, 2016

              Have You Already Updated Your Basler pylon USB 3.0 AIK Adapter?

              Basler pylon 5
              The Basler pylon USB 3.0 AIK adapter allows you to operate Basler USB 3.0 cameras using Cognex VisionPro. After a few simple configuration steps, the Basler USB 3.0 cameras appear in VisionPro for further configuration as desired. The new version 5.0 of the AIK adapter uses pylon 5 to connect with our Basler cameras. You'll benefit from the new GenICam 3 technology which significantly accelerates the camera triggering, all while requiring significantly less storage space.

              The Basler pylon USB 3.0 AIK adapter can be downloaded for free from our download area. We've included an Application Note to help with the installation and setup of the driver.

              Once the pylon Camera Software Suite or pylon Runtime (U3V) has been installed, the AIK adapter will run on all 32 or 64-bit operating systems.

              For more information about our pylon Camera Software Suite, please click here. Please feel free to contact our Support Team if you have any questions or need additional information.

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