November 20, 2014

              Free Success Story: Merchandise from Around the World Kept Secure using Basler IP Cameras

              Quality control of powders with Basler racer

              Service kiosks with Basler IP Camera at London Container Terminal

              Fresh fruits from exotic countries even in winter, smartphones from Korea: Today's consumers expect access to merchandise from around the world. Container terminals are key hubs for transshipment of these goods, meaning moving containers from ship to ship or onto trucks or freight trains.

              Security is of heightened importance in an environment like this, especially since the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11. To improve security at its facility, London's container terminal introduced an access control system. Basler IP cameras are an important part of the access safeguards. For more information on how the access controls work, please see our success story "London Container Terminal implements Visy Access Gate Solution using Basler IP Cameras."

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