February 6, 2012

              Firmware Update for scout Cameras – Enhanced Color Features

              The Basler scout cameras are currently being upgraded with new firmware featuring improved color reproduction functionality. These functions are based on the so-called “sensor matrix operator” and the “BC6 operator.”

              The “sensor matrix operator” compensates for all color differences caused by the interaction of sensor and Bayer Pattern and by challenging lighting conditions during image acquisition. The coefficients already optimized in the firmware pre-settings can be adjusted individually within the operator to suit different lighting and color conditions.

              The second improvement is the “BC6 operator.” This operator offers a list of pre-settings for a variety of lighting conditions and also allows hue and saturation to be adapted individually for all colors in the acquired image. Optimum color reproduction is thus available for bespoke image acquisition and challenging requirements. Both color operators are fully implemented in the camera FPGA which guarantees full frame rates and individual mode settings at full grabbing speed.

              Along with the color improvements, we also optimized the IR cut filter for better color separation. Colors are thus reproduced more realistically.

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