July 25, 2012

              Enhanced Image Controls for Basler IP Cameras

              Automatic image controls are standard in today’s sophisticated network camera technology. All Basler IP Cameras can automatically adjust exposure, gain, white balance, and lens iris opening whenever lighting conditions change.

              However, some surveillance tasks require a more sophisticated response to lighting changes. Traffic applications outdoors, for example, are subject to rapid, extreme changes in natural lighting conditions. Fast-moving bright and dark objects such as trucks that occupy a large section of the field of view can trigger frequent changes by the automatic image controls, resulting in flickering images. To suppress this camera behavior, you can now add a delay to the automatic image control functionality of your Basler IP Camera.

              To do this, set the new ImageControls.RegulationDelay_ds parameter via the camera’s application programming interface (API). This parameter determines the delay time that must pass before a detected change in the image lighting triggers automatic adjustments of exposure, gain, white balance, and lens iris opening. This results in more stable image control behavior in frequently-changing lighting conditions.

              You will find the full API documentation and IP camera manuals in our download area.

              Download the firmware package 3.9 offering enhanced image controls functionality here.

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