December 8, 2014

              Cut through the Confusion with Basler's New Lens Selector

              Basler Lens Selector
              Already picked an area-scan camera from Basler and looking for the right lens for your application?

              Our new Lens Selector helps you find a suitable lens with the right focal length for your camera application. Based on your camera's sensor specifications, it proposes a series of lenses suitable for the sensor size and resolution. In some cases the recommendation will include limitations, as the individual application will dictate whether a lens with a low resolution profile is sufficient.

              The Lens Selector is easy to use. You enter the parameters for your application (such as the necessary angle of view, working distance, object size, etc.) and the Lens Selector calculates the necessary focal length and proposes a suitable lens. To get to the Lens Selector, please follow the link:

              Do you have additional questions about our Lens Selector? Contact our Support Team for more help!

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