May 25, 2016

              Compatible Accessories for Your USB 3.0 Camera System – New Marketing Note

              Compatible accessories for your USB 3.0 Camera System — New Marketing Note
              It's not that complicated to build a stable USB 3.0 system – as long as you have the right accessories. Our new Marketing Note provides an overview of the individual accessory components and gives tips on factors to consider when selecting between different components.
              When USB 3.0 systems suffer from lost images or even complete breakdowns, the camera is usually the prime suspect. This isn't always justified, however: in many cases the fault lies with incorrect or poor-quality accessories. For this reason we advise sticking to supplemental components for your Vision System that have been tested and certified by the camera manufacturer. Basler's recommendations for accessories for stable USB 3.0 camera systems can be found in our new Marketing Note. Our handy 10-point plan discusses this and other factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting components.

              Read our new Marketing Note "Accessories for Stable USB 3.0 Systems" now for more on accessories compatible with stable USB 3.0 systems.

              Our White Paper "Setting Up a Stable USB 3.0 Systems" details how to establish this kind of system. 

              Want more information about USB 3.0 and matching accessories? Then contact your local Basler Sales Team.

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