August 3, 2016

              Comparison of Basler’s Camera Interfaces for Embedded Vision Technology: USB 3.0 vs BCON for LVDS

              An increasing number of customers develop applications based on embedded computing technology. Embedded means that individual components of a vision system are combined in one device in these applications. This technology is referred to as embedded vision.

              An embedded vision system comprises a camera, often without housing (known as a board level camera), connected directly to a processing board. This processing unit handles specific tasks which are normally assigned to the PC in the classic machine vision setup.

              Basler is the major manufacturer of digital industrial cameras for such Embedded Systems. Popular interfaces for these cameras utilized in embedded vision today are USB 3.0 and Basler’s BCON for LVDS. In this Marketing Note we would like to compare these interfaces and present their respective characteristics and benefits.

              Looking for information on embedded vision, the appropriate camera and interface? Then contact your local Basler Sales Team.

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