May 29, 2012

              Coming Soon: 2 MP and 4 MP ace GigE Models with NIR Sensors

              Basler’s ace series of cameras with a Gigabit Ethernet interface includes four models featuring the powerful CMV2000 and CMV4000 CMOS sensors from CMOSIS: the 2 MP cameras acA2000-50gm and acA2000-50gc as well as the 4 MP cameras acA2040-25gm and acA2040-25gc. These cameras will go into series production in July. Shortly thereafter, the two monochrome models will also be available as NIR versions. These two models are called

              • acA2000-50gm NIR: 2 MP resolution (2048px x 1088px), 50 frames per second, 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm pixel size
              • acA2040-25gm NIR : 4 MP resolution (2048px x 2048px), 25 frames per second, 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm pixel size
              These cameras are particularly well suited for surveillance applications, biometrics or use in intelligent traffic control systems. Their NIR sensitivity makes them particularly effective in poor lighting conditions or at night.

              Ready for Testing
              You can already test our new ace NIR cameras right now! If you’d like to do so, please contact your Basler regional sales partner .

              High Sensitivity and Cost-effectiveness All in One Package
              Like all CMOSIS-based Basler cameras, the new NIR models are particularly notable for their low noise level and very high sensitivity. In fact, for wave lengths over 600 nm, the quantum efficiency (QE) has been considerably increased. For instance, this means that the NIR models achieve 16% QE at 900 nm instead of the 8% QE of standard GigE cameras with standard CMOSIS sensors. In contrast, achieving such QE increases in the NIR range for CCD cameras always involves high R&D effort and costs. With the new CMOS sensors, improvements in the NIR range are significantly easier and cheaper to achieve. This means that we’re now able to offer you high-performance, very attractively priced GigE cameras that are suitable for a great variety of applications.

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