August 26, 2014

              Coming Full Circle: FCC PS uses Basler ace GigE Cameras to Produce 100% Cylindrical Tubes

              Machine vision system for continuous control of diameter and ovality of products

              Machine vision system for continuous control of diameter and ovality of products with cylindrical shape.

              The cross-section of a correctly manufactured tube should look circular. Yet achieving that roundness is no mean feat. Tubes of this kind — known as 'cylindrical hollow structures' in technical jargon — are generally produced on a flowing, continuous basis. To ensure that each segment is close to perfect as possible, the shape of the cross-section must be continuously monitored.

              In real life some deviation, minor or major, from the perfect cylindrical form can always be expected. This deviation is known as the "ovality." When production tools wear down, ovality increases and the cross-section of the tube begins to warp away from the circular and towards an oval. FCC PS has developed an inspection solution that constantly monitors ovality during production.

              For more details on the inspection solution and the role Basler ace GigE cameras play in it, please see our Success Story "For 100% Production Quality: Continuous Control of Diameter and Ovality of Cylindrical Profiles with Basler ace GigE Cameras."

              The link below will bring you straight to the Success Story. You can also find this Success Story and other interesting documents in our Download section.

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