June 25, 2011

              Check Out Our New Casino Application Movies!

              You can now learn more about Basler IP Camera speed and image quality in our new application movies filmed at a casino location.
              The 30 fps/100 fps comparison movies show a Basler BIP2-640c-dn IP Camera capturing images at an ultrafast 100 frames per second compared to a camera recording at only 30 fps. Both image streams are played at normal speed and in super slow motion. In slow motion, the images captured at 100 fps run smoothly while the 30 fps stream appears choppy. Can you spot the card trick at 30 fps or at 100 fps?
              The CCD/CMOS comparison shows the difference in image quality when using a CCD sensor compared to a CMOS sensor.
              Finally, you can take a look at what Basler’s optimized H.264 compression can do that standard H.264 compression cannot. Due to a carefully crafted GOP structure (GOP is a group of successive images within a coded video stream), Basler’s optimized H.264 compression will deliver smooth motion even when image streams are played in reverse!
              To watch the movies, click here.

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