March 5, 2015

              CCD goes CMOS

              CCD goes CMOS
              CMOS sensors were long considered a low-price alternative to CCD sensors. The tables have turned, however, with CMOS technology now being used in place of CCD sensors in a vast range of applications. Modern versions of these sensors offer higher resolutions, vastly improved noise characteristics and enhanced quantum efficiency. Recognizing this solid progress, Basler long ago integrated CMOS sensors technology into a broad range of its cameras.

              Market trends show that the latest CMOS technology is actually superior to CCD technology. This comes through the following important properties of today's CMOS sensors:
              • Very good price/performance ratio
              • High speeds (high frame rates)
              • High resolution (number of pixels)
              • Low power consumption
              • Improved noise characteristics
              • Good quantum efficiency
              • Improved color concepts
              Image quality has improved vastly in the current generation of CMOS sensors as well. They work effectively even in low light environments. Several examples include the latest global shutter sensors in Sony's "Pregius" line, "PYTHON" from ON Semiconductor and "CMV" from CMOSIS. The sensors offer a large dynamic range that delivers clear details and high contrast even when there are strong light and dark areas within a single image. Blooming and smearing effects that can occur with CCD sensors are not an issue with CMOS.

              Please feel free to contact our Support Team to learn more about CMOS technology.

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