June 5, 2015

              CCD Discontinued. Now What? Basler CMOS Cameras!

              No worries, Steve! With more than 100 models, Basler has a wide selection of CMOS cameras lined up to replace the existing CCD sensors in all your applications. Not ready for the transition yet? Still no problem: Basler pledges to support CCD technology for many years to come.

              Our latest Steve video provides worry-free CMOS solutions! We’ve put together all the facts on Basler CMOS cameras, with clear recommendations for replacement possibilities, and prepared comprehensive factsheets on CCD and CMOS technologies. As well, our White Paper "Modern CMOS Cameras as Replacements for CCD Cameras" provides an essential orientation on this important topic.

              And of course our Sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the transition from CCD to CMOS in your applications. 

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