January 23, 2014

              Camera Accessories: USB 3.0 4-port Card

              Basler USB 3.0 4-port card
              The portfolio of accessories for the ace USB 3.0 is growing constantly. It now includes a USB 3.0 card from Basler offering four ports. This card allows for four ace USB 3.0 cameras to be connected to one single card, taking advantage of the full bandwidth.

              The card offers:

              • four independent Renesas host controllers
              • one PCIe 2.0 x4 interface (with four lanes)
              • four USB 3.0 ports for A-type plugs
              This allows for a setup featuring four ace USB 3.0 units at full resolution and maximum fps rate — all running parallel and stably on the one card.

              Visit our accessories database to see all available parts for your Basler camera: Simply select a camera series or model, specify a category like "Cards, Hubs, Switches" as needed, and presto, you're already done.

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