September 8, 2015

              Bringing it All into Focus — Lens Selection for Beginners

              There's more to clear and focused images than just having the right camera. Even if it is perfectly suited for the application, a matching lens is required as well. Yet newcomers to the world of machine vision are most likely to be overwhelmed with the seemingly endless options for different lenses. What to look for and how to find the right lens for your camera and application is explained in the beginner's guide which is part of our Vision Campus.

              Our latest Vision Campus article "Bringing it All into Focus – Finding the Right Lens for Your Camera" describes the influence of sensor size on lens selection, and whether more megapixels also means better image quality.

              The Vision Campus also contains additional information about all topics related to Vision Technology. It's the perfect place to learn more about topics such as how to find the right camera or how vision systems work in the first place. Have a look for yourself!

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