December 1, 2011

              Brighter Colors, Faster Image Acquisition – New Features for Basler ace GigE Models

              Basler released a new firmware version for the Basler ace GigE family. Some of the major enhancements done include enhanced color features and a sequencer feature.
              Color Improvements
              The color improvements contain two parts, the ‘sensor matrix operator’ and the ‘BC6 operator’.

              The ‘sensor matrix operator’ compensates all limitations of the sensor or the Bayer Pattern itself. The right coefficients for each individual sensor were determined in Basler’s new color lab which can be adjusted in a wide range of light and color conditions to ensure optimal and precise color representation.

              The second improvement is the “BC6 operator” which offers an individual adjustment for all three colors of the Hue and saturation parameter. This guarantees best results even for special setups and requirements. All new color operators are fully implemented in the camera FPGA. This is supported at full grabbing speed in all use cases or mode settings. A list of pre-settings for different lighting conditions is available for easy adjustment.

              Sequencer Feature
              The sequencer feature enables users to change grabbing parameters from grab to grab. In comparison to the slower way of changing the parameters via the connected PC, the sequencer feature offers the possibility to store up to 64 different settings inside of the camera. The FPGA implementation allows switching the settings of, for example, gain, exposure time or binning parameters at full grabbing speed. With this enhancement, the Basler ace cameras can also cover scenarios with fast changing lighting conditions in a better and more efficient manner.

              All features are ready to go! Just click on the ‘activate’ checkbox in your user software.
              For more detailed information download the latest ace GigE camera manual under downloads documents or have a look at the new samples in the current pylon software version 2.3.5 which is also available for free under software downloads .

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