June 6, 2014

              Basler's racer GigE Cameras Bring Everything into Sharp Focus

              Detail of PanelScan with PCB panel

              Detail of PanelScan with PCB panel

              Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere in our modern world, tucked away in everything from electronics to mobile phones and tablet PCs. Electronics producers frequently rely on automated quality and process assurance systems during manufacturing. One key element is the ability to take the results of these checks and trace them back to a specific PCB. Microscan has developed a device for precisely this purpose.

              Its PanelScan is a convenient tracking solution for recording the barcode data from multiple printed panels on PCBs. The system can be deployed upstream from or integrated directly into an SMD production line, replacing the manually scanning process. The automated recording process is less error-prone than its manual counterpart and works while production is running at full speed. This application relies of course on good cameras like the Basler racer.

              For more on this application, please see our Success Story “Easy Printed Circuit Board Traceability with Basler racer GigE Cameras".

              Clicking on the link will bring you directly to the story. You can also find this Success Stories and other interesting documents in our Download Area.

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