June 12, 2013

              Basler USB3 Vision Series of Seminars in Asia

              USB3 Vision Seminar
              The long awaited USB3 Vision Standard, which Basler had a strong hand in developing, was officially ratified at the beginning of the year. USB 3.0 is well on its way to becoming a relevant interface technology for industrial, medical and mass-market applications. As befits such a promising technology, we'll be holding seminars throughout July on USB 3.0 technology and the USB3 Vision Standard. Experts from Basler's headquarters in Germany — Head of Product Management Henning Tiarks, Senior Product Manager René von Fintel and Product Manager Jana Bartels — will be on hand to introduce the new interfaces and their advantages over FireWire and USB 2.0.

              For more information, please see our seminar overview.

              Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras

              Basler is currently offering ten USB 3.0 camera models with resolutions ranging from VGA to 5 MP. Visit the website for our ace series for an overview. More news about our cameras and the USB3 Vision Standard can be found in our news section.

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