May 6, 2013

              Basler USB3 Vision Launch Event in Taiwan

              USB3 Vision Seminar
              The awaited USB3 Vision Standard has now been ratified. It is a standard Basler knows best, because we spearheaded its development. Together with Photon-Tech Instruments Co. Ltd, we are now offering seminars on USB 3.0 technology and the USB3 Vision standard which will take place in three different Taiwanese cities (Taichung, Kaohsiung & Taipei) from May 15 -17. Basler’s experts from our German headquarters, Product Manager Jana Bartels and Support Engineer Heiko Schmidt, will explain the topic and the benefits this new interface can bring over FireWire and USB 2.0.

              Read more on our seminar pages which introduce the event in detail.

              Basler ace USB 3.0 Cameras

              Basler is currently offering ten USB 3.0 camera models with resolutions from VGA to 5 MP. Please visit the ace series web pages and check out our News section for more information on these cameras and the USB3 Vision standard.

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