May 24, 2012

              Basler Strengthens Product Management and Support in Germany

              At the beginning of May, Janka Tammen joined the product management team at Basler. As a product platform manager, Ms. Tammen will direct and support new product development. Ms. Tammen has 10 years of experience in different marketing positions at various large companies. She summed up the impressions from her first workdays at Basler as follows: “Basler’s complex and technologically exciting products offer great opportunities for design and innovation. I’m really looking forward to working hard and making my contribution.”
              At the beginning of May, Volkan Demirayak also started at Basler. As a product support engineer in the customer service team, he will help our customers resolve technical questions concerning industrial and network cameras. After having completed his studies in electrical engineering and information technology, Mr. Demirayak worked for almost 1-1/2 years on the support team at a leading manufacturer of automatic teller machines. After his first weeks at Basler, he had this to say: “The team welcomed me with open arms; my work at Basler is extremely varied and most interesting. I’m eager to face the coming challenges head on.”

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