July 20, 2011

              Basler pylon Software 2.3.4 Maintenance Release

              The new pylon 2.3.4 release again includes a good mixture of improvements and new features.
              Prominent in the release is full support for Basler's new ace acA2000-XX and acA2040-XX camera models, which are equipped with CMOSIS 2 MP and 4 MP CMOS sensors. A Camera Link interface transfers data for up to 340 images per second to the PC's memory. This new pylon version now supports all features on the new camera models and lets users easily find the best setup for each individual set of application requirements.
              The pylon GigE Vision driver also includes some new features. Now camera configuration and image acquisitions are supported across subnet boundaries. As is important in applications such as Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) or general transportation systems, a number of widely spread GigE cameras can now be connected to servers via a more complex network. This can increase the reliability of the full system while also reducing system costs.
              On the maintenance side, pylon 2.3.4 includes some bug fixes and a long list of improvements, for example, support for the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1). To ensure that pylon will work well with SP1, we added this Windows version to our pylon test framework, which runs throughout each night to check the robustness and reliability of all upcoming developments in the entire pylon package.
              Please take a closer look at the pylon Release Notes for all details of the new features, bug fixes, and improvements.
              The new pylon driver and SDK package and all supporting documentation can, as usual, be downloaded for free from the Basler website.
              If you have any questions, the Basler Support Team will be happy to help.

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