July 4, 2014

              Basler Presenting Powerful ace USB 3.0 Cameras with 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS Sensors

              Basler ace and CMOSIS
              Basler USB 3.0 cameras have been top performers from the start. In just a short time they have established themselves as top contenders in terms of both price and technical prowess. The USB family will be expanding to include two especially popular sensors: the CMV2000 and the CMV4000 from CMOSIS . The sensors have been successful contributors to our ace GigE and Camera Link models for some years now, and work all the more effectively in USB 3.0 setups.

              Outstanding image quality at high speeds

              The data, as measured based on the EMVA 1288 Standard,  shows that the image quality for these CMOS sensors is objectively better than the old CCD technology. The quantum efficiency (QE) is extraordinarily good, with low noise values in poor lighting and an exceptional dynamic range. The cameras deliver not just high speeds, but also the flexibility to work in a variety of new application areas where previously only CCD sensors (which in some cases required cooling) could be used.

              Six USB3 Vision-compliant models are ready for testing:

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