April 12, 2012

              Basler Offers Industry First 3-Year Warranty for Industrial Cameras

              Basler has seen its production numbers increase threefold since 2009. This period of rapid growth has been accompanied by a massive expansion in manufacturing capacity, test equipment, and know-how. With the extension of the warranty period, the Ahrensburg-based supplier is passing on the benefits of optimization to its customers. Basler manufactures all of its cameras at the company's headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, where production, quality management and R&D work hand in hand, and products and processes are optimized on a continuous basis.

              “Along with the unparalleled knowledge pool we’ve amassed over the course of 25 years of product ideation, testing, and manufacturing, our team’s dedication to driving meaningful innovation forms the basis of a dynamic design process. The reliability story doesn't start on the shop floor, it has its roots right at the start of the design stage,” commented Dietmar Ley, Chief Executive Officer at Basler.

              Every Basler camera is subjected to very specific optical and mechanical tests before leaving the factory. This ensures that, regardless of when they come off the production line, Basler cameras always meet the same quality standards.

              Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), John P. Jennings is convinced: “Basler customers rely on the high quality of our cameras. This applies to the very first camera they buy from us, as well as to the 1000th one. The industrial camera market is maturing. Our customers expect very high reliability and repeatability and we take our responsibility in this regard very seriously. With our 3-year warranty, we want to show that Basler stands behind our products and alongside our customers.”

              For more information go to www.baslerweb.com/warranty

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