September 5, 2015

              Basler Offers a 5 Meter Long USB 3.0 Cable for Use with Drag Chains

              Basler offers a 5 meter long USB 3.0 cable for use with drag chains
              With the help of our new 5 meter long flexible USB 3.0 cable our USB3 Vision compatible Basler ace cameras can be easily integrated in drag chain applications. The robust cables withstand at least 7.5 million bending cycles with a bending radius of 50 mm . The screw-in micro B plug for the camera ensures a tight connection between camera and cable. On the host side the cable is provided with a type A plug, which does not screw in and works in any USB 3.0 socket.

              The USB 3.0 cable is sold as "drag chain compatible" because it withstands more than 7.5 million cycles under the following test conditions: On one end the cable is fixed and the other end is then mounted on a moving carriage with a bending radius of 50 mm. For testing, the carriage was repeatedly moved back and forth 500 mm so that the cable was bent by the movement. 30 of these cycles were executed per minute.

              For optimal interaction we recommend the use of the following USB 3.0 cards:
              A complete overview of our accessories portfolio may be found in our accessories database.

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