May 8, 2015

              Basler Lenses Receive Warm Welcome in Machine Vision World

              Our Basler Lenses from Fujinon went into series production two months ago. Now the lenses have been available in larger quantities for a while. Customers around the world are eager to integrate these lenses into their machine vision systems. For cameras with sensors of 1/2" or smaller, switching over means cutting costs without compromising on quality.

              We've developed the Basler Lenses specifically for sensors smaller than 1/2" with very high resolutions. This means the lenses’ image circle fits the size of the camera sensor optimally, and allows for the full resolution of the sensor to be harnessed. Our lenses are especially well suited for our Basler ace, dart and pulse camera models.

              Watch our video on the Basler Lenses at:

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