November 4, 2014

              Basler Lenses - Basler Original Equipment!

              Basler Lenses
              Basler is now offering its own C-mount lenses, designed in cooperation with Fujinon. Our high-resolution Basler Lenses work perfectly on any Basler ace and dart camera with a sensor smaller than 1/2", and are available in six focal lengths. They're also appropriate for any other Basler camera with similarly sized sensors.

              Our lenses are optimally suited for sensors with very small pixels, such as the 5 MP sensor from Aptina with a pixel size of just 2.2 µm. This represents a key step in delivering top image quality for the current crop of machine vision applications.

              The outstanding price/performance ratio is another huge factor, with models starting at €99.

              Basler Original Equipment has been specially designed to meet our stringent requirements and is optimized to the characteristics of our cameras. All products with the Basler Original Equipment seal are available only from Basler and enable top performance when combined with Basler cameras.

              Talk with our Sales Team or your regional Basler distribution partner for more information.

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