June 28, 2012

              Basler IP Cameras Touch the Sky

              On June 16th, this year’s Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge took place in the Czech capital city of Prague. Juries watched and judged as twelve of the world’s top pilots performed daring aerobatic feats. The whole contest was recorded by TV cameras on the ground, and by Basler BIP2-1280c-dn IP box cameras in the cockpits. The camera footage was projected onto several large screens for the spectators.

              The Basler cockpit cameras were installed by students and teachers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, supported by distributing company KELCOM International. A unique transmission system developed at the Technical University was used to transmit video from fast-moving planes in real time.

              “The cameras worked perfectly even in the rough cockpit environment. Pilots were amazed by the compact camera design and its minimal impact on their field of view,” says Dalibor Motl, Head of CCTV at KELCOM International. “The camera images gave the audience a great view of the action from inside the planes and made the show even more spectacular.”

              For further information visit www.afc2012.cz/en.

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