July 19, 2012

              Basler IP Cameras Safeguard School Children

              Redflex Traffic Systems®, a leader in road safety technology, has chosen Basler IP Cameras for their new Student GuardianTM system protecting children around school buses. The system is intended to deter drivers in the United States from illegally passing stopped school buses, or to hold them accountable if they do.

              Student Guardian uses two cameras per school bus, one on the front and one on the rear driver’s side, to monitor traffic while the stop arm of the bus is deployed. Whenever cars illegally pass a school bus, the cameras capture high-definition video and high-resolution images of license plates and drivers. With a resolution of five megapixels, the Basler BIP2-2500c-dn IP cameras used can easily monitor three lanes so that no violation goes unnoticed. The captured image data is then submitted to local law enforcement to determine whether a citation is warranted.

              "Intelligent Transportation Systems strive to make all of our lives safer," says Enzio Schneider, Product Line Manager ITS at Basler. "This project safeguards those who need our protection most: our children – and we are pleased to contribute to this cause."

              Several pilot programs utilizing Student Guardian are already underway. According to Redflex, Student Guardian can be operated with no upfront capital investment for cities and districts. The program can be fully funded by fines collected for violations.

              About Redflex Traffic Systems®, Inc.

              Redflex Traffic Systems®, a leader in road safety technology, operates more than 2,000 photo enforcement systems in more than 250 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Through continuous development of new safety products, Redflex has been helping to reduce collisions and save lives for the past 25 years. For more information, visit www.redflex.com.

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