January 30, 2012

              Basler IP Cameras Involved in Pilot Project with Renewable Energy Sources

              In 2011, the German company Thiele Hauselectronic equipped the access road to the Glücksstadt ferry dock with Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras and HEITEL servers for traffic flow monitoring. Now they have also installed a camera solution on the Wischhafen side – including an innovative power supply concept.
              As on the Glücksstadt dock, the Basler dome cameras at the Wischhafen access road are mounted on poles. However, the power supply concept in Wischhafen is completely different. Two solar panels attached to the camera poles, and a wind turbine, supply 24-hour power to the cameras and all supporting technology.
              With their surveillance solution, the ferry operators can keep an eye on current traffic conditions and even issue regular traffic notifications in peak times.
              The cameras required a decentralized energy supply because their installation site did not provide any technical infrastructure. To compensate for a lack of network access at the site, the camera images are transmitted via a UMTS connection to the ferry’s office.
              “This combination of IP cameras, servers, and renewable energy sources is unique, “ commented Torsten Faasch, Technical Sales, Thiele Hauselectronic. “The technology used in this project opens up many new applications in areas that wouldn’t otherwise allow video surveillance due to their lack of infrastructure.“

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